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Nine new Apex Legends characters leaked online

Although Fortnite has long been considered the main “royal battle”, the driving Apex Legends also enjoys well-deserved popularity. And the game is developing rapidly: the other day, a skilled hacker published a huge portion of materials that lift the veil of secrecy over the next updates of the action movie.


Screenshots and gameplay videos can now be found on Reddit , showing off new characters and unfinished maps from Respawn Entertainment’s shooter. Although the images are signed by kralRindo, the dataminer claims that he was framed by Autismgaming420. Moreover, because of the accusation, he had a lot of problems, so he temporarily curtailed his activities.

As for the materials: in total, Apex fans are waiting for 9 new heroes . Only two of them are known in detail – Newcastle will be a support fighter (he will be able to drag the wounded and create shields), and Vantage with her unique abilities will become the main sniper of the game. In addition to the characters, there will be new maps (for example, Divided Moon ), updates to old ones, fresh weapons and body kits, including a laser sight. From all this, we can conclude that Apex Legends has a long and full of interesting content life.

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