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Nike taught a robot how to clean sneakers

Nike has created a robot that can clean and repair sneakers. The model is called BILL (Bot Initiated Longevity Lab) and its goal, according to the creators, is to extend the life of sneakers and, as a result, reduce environmental impact. BILL can currently clean and repair Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordan 1, Space Hippie 01 and Nike Dunks.

The robot creates a 3D digital model of the shoe to be cleaned, detailing the cleaning areas on the upper, sides and sole. In total, it takes BILL about 45 minutes to clean one pair of Air Force 1s. The client can also choose patches to repair frayed areas on the uppers of the shoes. In addition, store employees can replace the insoles and laces of sneakers with new ones made from recycled materials. While BILL is an experimental project, the company notes. The robot is available only in the Nike Town store in London, it works completely free of charge.

Nike taught a robot how to clean sneakers
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