Monday, March 4, 2024

Next generation Toyota Supra will get BMW engine, capable of running on synthetic fuel

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Company Toyota is already working on the new Supra, which will appear on the market within the next few years. Sources from Japan report that the new model will be available with an electric power plant and in a version with an internal combustion engine.

Additional information about the internal combustion engine Supra next generation published the publication Best Car, which claims that the new Toyota Supra can get the engine BMW, capable of running on synthetic fuel.

The car will be equipped with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder turbocharged engine. The key difference is that this engine will be capable of running on carbon-neutral fuel, and will also incorporate mild hybrid technology.

Additionally, the next generation Supra will, presumably, also run on regular unethylated gasoline. The new engine should have a power of about 400 hp, which is slightly more than 382 hp. in the current model. The new car should also have the option of a six-speed manual transmission, while the buyer will also have access to an eight-speed “automatic”.

To release the next generation Supra Toyota plans to release the current model with improved specifications as the Supra GRMN version. This car will use the 3.0-litre six-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine from the BMW M4 CSL and, as expected, will develop power around 542 hp. It will also be equipped with a new seven-step transmission with dual clutch.

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