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New WhatsApp Features: WhatsApp brought 2 new exciting features, you too will dance with joy

New WhatsApp Features: WhatsApp It regularly brings new feature and features to its users, due to which the growing needs of the users are met and they stay on the platform because nowadays competition is the biggest thing. Now WhatsApp has finally introduced the community feature for users around the world including India. In addition, the instant messaging platform has launched two new group features, which include 32-person video calling and 1024-user groups. Also, let us tell you that till now the 32 people calling feature was limited to voice calls only.

WhatsApp said

By bringing video calling feature for groups of up to 32 people, WhatsApp clearly has the likes of other video calling apps like Zoom, Skype, etc. We believe the large group calling feature could have been released earlier, around the time of COVID, but we got delayed.

How will this feature work

Like any new feature in WhatsApp, these new group features will not be available immediately. WhatsApp said that the newly introduced feature will be available in a few weeks from now.
The video calling feature of 32 people will work like the voice calling feature of 32 people. Users just have to click on the calling option in the group chat and then add a member.

Roll out for Android users along with iOS

WhatsApp has been working on the community feature for the past several months. The feature is now rolling out to all users on iOS as well as Android platforms and will change the way people connect with each other on WhatsApp.

Is WhatsApp on its way to Google Meet?

WhatsApp has introduced the facility to create a call link to join an audio or video call, just like Zoom or Google Meet. This feature is now available for Android as well as iOS/iPhone users. If your Whatsapp is not showing this feature then you need to update WhatsApp from App Store. For this, first of all, update your WhatsApp to the latest version and then open your WhatsApp to check if this feature is available for you or not.

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