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New Technology: Do this work before going to any website, real and fake will be known in minutes

How to Check Website is Original or Duplicate: In the last few years, the cases of cyber fraud have increased rapidly. Many cases of forgery are also included in these frauds by creating fake or dummy websites. By creating fake websites, thugs trap people in their nets in different ways. In many cases the data is hacked and in some the money is transferred. Overall, due to lack of information and lack of system to catch fake websites, people are also getting trapped in the web of cybercriminals, but now news of relief has come about it. Engineers have launched a website-checking tool that lets you check whether the site is true or false before visiting a website.

This tool will work like this

According to the report, the special feature of this new tool is that it gives users the option to enter the address of any website, so that it can be checked whether the said website is genuine or scam. In this process, this tool gives a trust score to the website. The tool is hosted on the website of Internet Safety Group ‘Get Safe Online’, which works with Fraud Prevention Service CIFAAS. The score is calculated by an algorithm based on over 40 data sources and malicious website reports. Users just have to type the website they want to know about in the address of the website mentioned above. After this, information about right or wrong will be found in front of them about that website. This tool checks whether the said website has not been reported for phishing or malware.

Will save you from getting caught in the trap of thugs

Tony Neat, CEO of ‘Get Safe Online’ says that, ‘Since 15, we have been providing online safety advice for individuals and small businesses. Our aim is to keep people safe during the use of internet. For this purpose, this tool has been worked on. At the same time, Mike Haley, CEO of Cifas, said that, ‘This is a great tool to assist users in the ongoing fight against online fraud. By being able to quickly check whether the website you are visiting is reliable or not, you can be safe online and avoid falling into the trap of illegal websites.

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