Monday, February 26, 2024

New stage: fast replies from YandexGPT now available to all users

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Company Yandex announced that it moves to the next stage of testing fast answers from the language model YandexGPT. Since September 2023, fast responses from YandexGPT worked in the mode of limited testing, in which more than 200 thousand people took part. Users could rate the results of the generation, and 70% of the ratings were positive, noted in Yandex. Now fast responses from YandexGPT became available to all users in search results, but on a limited volume of queries.

At the stage of open beta-testing, quick answers from YandexGPT appear along with traditional quick answers, but next to Neurosity’s answers there is always an indication that it was it that generated them, and a link to the source. Site owners will be able to decide for themselves whether their content will be used to generate updated fast responses from YandexGPT: if the site owner does not want his content to be used, he can add a special tag to the robots.txt file.

To generate a quick response, YandexGPT finds in real time several sources most relevant to the user’s request. Then the neural network briefly summarizes the information about each of them, including if the text needed to generate the answer is located in different parts of the page. After this YandexGPT selects the most useful answer from all received — it is displayed directly below the search line.

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