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New rules for social media influencers! Violation will attract a fine of up to 50 lakhs


The new guidelines of social media influencers are to ban misleading advertisements.
By the year 2025, the social media ‘influencer’ market is estimated to be around Rs 2,800 crore.
Violations are repeated, the amount of fine can be increased up to Rs 50 lakh.

New Delhi. The government has issued new guidelines for social media ‘influencers’. Accordingly, it will now be mandatory for all influencers to disclose their ‘affiliation’ and interests while promoting a product or service. If any influencer does not do this, then strict legal steps will be taken like banning that ad. According to the government, these guidelines are part of ongoing efforts to curb misleading advertisements as well as protect the interests of the common people.

Actually, those who influence people by keeping their opinion about a product or service on social media platforms are called ‘influencers’. By the year 2025, the social media ‘influencer’ market is estimated to be around Rs 2,800 crore. In this sense too, these guidelines are being considered very important.

New guidelines regarding celebrities, ‘influencers’ and ‘online’ media ‘influencers’ on social media platforms have been issued by the Department of Consumer Affairs. In case of their violation, the penalty prescribed for misleading advertisement will be imposed under the Consumer Protection Act 2019.

fine up to 50 lakhs
The Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) can impose a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh on manufacturers of products, advertisers and influencers in connection with misleading advertisements. On the other hand, if these rules are repeatedly violated, the amount of fine can be increased to Rs 50 lakh. Apart from this, the authority can prevent the person promoting any misleading advertisement from any advertisement for one year, which can also be extended up to three years.

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Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said at the press conference that the new guidelines have been issued within the purview of the Consumer Act, which provides a framework to protect consumers against unfair trade practices and misleading advertisements. He expressed hope that these guidelines will act as a deterrent to influencers on social media. He said, ‘This is a very important issue. In the year 2022, the social media influencer market in India was worth Rs 1,275 crore. But by the year 2025, it is likely to reach Rs 2,800 crore with an annual growth rate of about 19-20 per cent.

The number of influencers influencing social media in the country has crossed one lakh and it is expected to increase with the increase in the spread of internet. The Consumer Affairs Secretary said, ‘In such a situation the social media ‘influencer’ needs to behave responsibly. Now they have to give information about their association with the product or service they are advertising on social media.

On this occasion, CCPA Chief Commissioner Nidhi Khare said that misleading advertisement in any form, format or medium is prohibited by law. Keeping this in mind, instructions have been issued regarding the need and methods of disclosure for social media ‘influencers’.


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