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New Porsche Cayenne launched in Russia at a price of almost 6 million rubles

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Porsche introduced updated versions of the crossover Cayenne and liftback Panamera last year. Unlike the Panamera, which has not yet arrived in Russian auto salons, the updated Cayenne is already available for purchase in Russia, both in the usual body, and in the version with folding roof, receiving the prefix Coupe in the name.

Prices for the updated crossover Porsche Cayenne in Russia start from 16 million rubles. The version with the coupe coupe costs 500 thousand rubles more. At the end of August such machines were asked for at least 21,7 million rubles.

This Porsche Cayenne gets new headlights and fresh design LED taillights. The crossover’s headlights are equipped with matrix technology. The key innovation was the chip, which combines more than 16 000 individually controlled microlight diodes.

The standard equipment includes a drive mode switch, which is located on the steering wheel. The updated central console of the car’s control systems is presented without the usual gearbox handle. Inside the salon of the updated crossover installed a curved display with a touch panel instead of analog instrument. In the center are located the climate control buttons and the place for wireless charging of gadgets.

New Porsche Cayenne launched in Russia at a price of almost 6 million rubles

The new Porsche Cayenne is equipped with two-chamber air suspension with PASM damping technology and adaptive dampers, which made it maximum comfortable. At the same time it retained its sporting characteristics at high speeds due to reduced body tilt in turns.

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