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New OTT Rule: Fake SIM, WhatsApp, Telegram users beware! Jail for one year and fine of Rs 50,000

New Delhi. A new draft bill is being brought by the Government of India. This bill will work to crack down on the arbitrariness of the OTT platform over the top. According to this bill, if you buy a new mobile SIM on fake documents or use OTT services like WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram with a wrong ID, then you can be punished with up to one year. In addition, a fine of Rs 50,000 may have to be paid. After the implementation of the new rule, if you do such fraud, then the police can immediately arrest you. For this, the police will not need to take warranty or prior permission from the court.

DoT introduced draft bill
A draft of the Telecommunication Bill has been introduced by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), in which the provision of punishment has been made for those who use OTT service with fake SIM and number. The new bill of the government will help in curbing online fraud and illegal activities with customers. Let us tell you that in the last few years, financial frauds have been done by cybercriminals in India, in which fake SIMs have been used. With the help of these fake SIMs, it becomes difficult to identify the fraudsters.

These rules will be mandatory for all

  • KYC will be mandatory for telecom services like WhatsApp, Signal.
  • The identity of the caller will have to be revealed. Meaning the government will bring a system like TrueCaller, in which the photo and correct name of the users will come when the call comes.
  • If you do wrong KYC, you can be fined and jailed.
  • The government is taking a tough stand on online fraud. In such a situation, it will be mandatory for everyone to complete KYC.

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