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New motor vehicles Act will implement from 1 October know how it will benefit you

New Tire Design: News of work for vehicle owners, tires of your car will change from October 1, these benefits will be there

New Tire: From October 1, 2022, the tire design of your vehicle will change. At present, people will be given time till next year to get the new design tires installed. It will be mandatory to have it installed in every vehicle by March 31, 2023. Let us know now what will be the change in the tire.

If you are a vehicle owner then this news is of your use and you must read it. Actually, from October 1, 2022, the tire design of your vehicle will change. The Government of India has implemented many rules in the Motor Vehicle Act (MVA). In this episode, new design tires will start getting in the country from October 1. People will be given enough time to get new tyres, but this opportunity will be till March 31. It will be mandatory to install these new design tires in every vehicle from 1st April 2023. Failure to do so will result in action. Let us tell you in detail what is the new rule.

You may not have noticed, but now when you buy an item from the market or take service, you also see its rating, but in the case of tyres, this was not happening till now. By making some changes in the Motor Vehicle Act, the government has now made star rating mandatory for tyres. Under the new facility, now the customer will be able to take every information related to the tire before buying it.

what are the types of tires

Before talking about tires in detail, it is important to understand what are the types of tires. According to experts, there are 3 types of tires. The first is C1 and it is meant for the passenger car. The second type is C2 which is used in small commercial vehicles. The third category of tires is C3, which are used in heavy commercial vehicles.

The motive behind changing the design

Under the changes made by the government regarding tires, now three standards have been fixed for tires. These three parameters are rolling resistance, wet grip and rolling sound emissions. Tire companies will now have to follow this and make tires on the basis of BIS standards. Tires made with the new system will be much safer than before.

understand them too

As we told you above that now tires will have to be manufactured keeping in mind 3 standards. In such a situation, it is important for people to understand these standards as well.

  1. Rolling Resistance- Rolling resistance means the energy which is used to pull or pull the car or vehicle. If the resistance is less then the tire has to exert more force.
  2. Wet Grip- In the rainy season, you must have seen that the tires start filling up on the wet road. Sometimes accidents also happen because of this. In such a situation, now more focus has been given on the weight grip. Wet grip is the friction between the tire surface and the race track. It will be improved in the new design.
  3. Rolling Sound Emissions- If the tire is a bit old then you will notice that the sound is heard from the tire while the vehicle is running. This makes a lot of noise. The government has asked tire companies to work on this in a new design as well.
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