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New junior Intel processors outperform AMD counterparts

Younger Alder Lake processors are designed for low-cost gaming computers. They will not offer the highest performance, but they have a low TDP. The Intel Core i5-12400 model will have six cores (efficient P-cores only) and 12 threads. The TDP will be 65 W. Compare this processor with AMD Ryzen 5 5600X. As for the Intel Core i3-12300 and i3-12100, both models received four cores and eight threads.

In synthetic benchmarks, the Intel Core i5-12400 processor performed on par with the Ryzen 5 5600X. The average performance gain is only 5%, but considering that this chip is about 50-55% cheaper than AMD, it looks like a winning one.

But the Core i3 processors confidently bypassed the four-core Ryzen 3 5350G on the Zen 3 architecture. The performance increase was 26%. In terms of power consumption, the Intel Core i5-12400 chip also turned out to be better than its rival.

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