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New Intel processors will become “smarter”? Meteor Lake will have a VPU unit, but it’s not clear why yet

Raptor Lake processors, which will be released at the end of the year, will only be an improved version of the current Alder Lake. But at the end of 2023, Intel should release a truly new Meteor Lake, and today we learned something new about them that will further distinguish these CPUs from their predecessors.

It turned out that Meteor Lake, among other things, will include a separate block for working with AI. The Versatile Processing Unit (VPU) will appear in Intel CPUs six years after the company bought Movidius, which was just developing the VPU.

The VPU in processors will consist of five components: a CPU-VPU integration unit, a memory management unit, a RISC controller, a network unit, and a Neural Compute Subsystem (NCS) unit. As a result, the VPU module can be considered a kind of analogue of tensor cores in Nvidia GPUs. True, in video cards these cores perform a very specific and narrow range of tasks, and what the VPU will do in the new Intel processors is not yet very clear.

As a reminder, Meteor Lake will switch to new microarchitectures for large and small cores, get a new GPU, switch to the 7 nm process technology (Intel 4) and tile-based 3D layout.

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