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New Hyundai Verna or Honda City or Volkswagen Verts, know which sedan car is better?

Best Sedan Cars: The sedan segment was written off sometime back. Despite this, there have been at least four new launches in the mid-size sedan segment since last year. Which means, due to the interest of the customers, the golden days of this segment are back. That’s why we are going to compare some vehicles here. Hyundai recently launched its Verna with a petrol engine line-up as well as tremendous features, while Honda recently made changes to its best selling Honda City as well. Then there is the Volkswagen Verts, which is everyone’s favorite vehicle in the segment. Which of these cars would be better for you to buy? Next we are going to compare it.


In terms of looks, all these three vehicles are special in their own way. But everyone has a different opinion about the latest car. Otherwise, he has forced everyone to look at himself carefully. Also, being futuristic, it looks aggressive. The car looks less like a sedan thanks to its fastback-like design, which is very attractive. The slim LED light bar present in it works to attract the most attention. Along with being pointed, it is turned outwards. At the same time, the new Honda City looks more spectacular than before in its sporty look and new color. It is a conventional sedan body, but the carbon-like pattern connects it to the top-end variant. The Verts is a classic German with its classy design, while its crisp design has its own fan following. This car is a proper sedan car with its premium looks. Although it looks a bit long.

Quality and cabin space

Each sedan feels premium in its own way. Verts doors exude a sense of sturdiness. While the interiors are again present with a clean and simple look. Special attention has been given to its layer. It has a large touchscreen with touch controls. The look of the City is more conservative while the dash gets soft touch bits. The screen given in City is small. But it has been reconfigured, even after that it looks a bit basic. Apart from this, the rear camera display has been given very well. The cabin of the new Verna is much different and better than the old one with a new look. The dual 10.25-in screen with angled touchscreen on the driver’s side adds to the futuristic feel of the exteriors. Apart from this, soft touch bits are present everywhere. Who try to make its dashboard look more premium. Also brownie points for the full width vents and the lighting strip on the doors.

Talking about the touch panel, it can be switched, which is quite nice. On the other hand, talking about space, entry and exit in the city is very easy. Apart from this, it offers comfortable seating for three passengers as well as legroom/headroom. The rear seat of the Verts, on the other hand, is comfortable for two passengers and is quite spacious, giving you a good view of the outside. The new Verna matches up with its rivals here too due to the spacious rear seat. Although the entry and exit are slightly less in this. Although there is good space for the things inside. If we talk about the boot space, all the three vehicles have over 500 litres. Which is much higher than any compact SUV. In which otherwise is at the forefront. After which comes the number of Virtus and City.


In terms of features, it gets a large touchscreen, configurable dials, climate control and rear camera plus sunroof, connected car tech and steering paddles. The Verna and Vertus have the slimmest touchscreen set-up. While the traditional dials look great on the City with a digital twist. The new City comes with some special features. In which features like wireless charging, wireless smartphone connectivity, better audio system and ADAS safety features (also in manual) which match the rest. The Vert comes with ventilated seats and some of the other features mentioned above. Here the list of features offered in Verna is a bit long. In which heated and cooled seats, while the City has electric adjustment for the driver seat (height adjustment is manual) and ADAS. All the three cars of this variant get a manual handbrake. There are also 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, ESC, TCS, TPMS for safety.

Driving experience

All three cars are petrol only, with the Honda City coming with a 1.5l petrol and a strong hybrid variant. While Volkswagen Virtus also offers turbo petrol with its 1.0l and 1.5l turbo unit range. Hyundai then offers its Verna with a 1.5L turbo petrol and a 1.5L naturally aspirated unit like the City. In which 1.0l Virtus, 1.5l City Petrol and Verna Petrol are value for money. The City with its 1.5l engine is always ready to drive and remains a fun car to drive even in manual variant form. Because when you push its rev limit, it makes it feel very smooth. Hence the entire driving feels like a comfort zone. There is a bit of noise in the cabin, but the suspension is very quiet. Which have been tuned quite easily. You can enjoy more on the manual, but a lot of focus has been put on making the driving area comfortable. So the driver who drives it will also like it a lot. The Verna with its standard 1.5l petrol engine is less noisy, while the CVT automatic is also very nice. Which has been tuned very well to run at low speeds in the city. Due to the lack of punch of turbo, the CVT adapts it well, along with it, drive modes have also been given in it. Whereas, the biggest change has been made by improving its ride quality. Its direct steering matches the handling in the city, which is quite impressive. However, the Verts with its 1.0l petrol with tremendous power delivery remains the driver’s car here. Its response and torque converter automatic shows great performance. Apart from this, its ground clearance is also amazing and what to say about the steering.


These three sedan cars are available with these engines in the price range of Rs.11-16 lakhs. All three are very special and tremendous choices in themselves. Although the difference between them is clear, which we can understand. City is a practical car, gives you good space, smooth on petrol and comfortable with great features. On the other hand, the Verts is a driver’s favorite car with its awesome pickup. Otherwise, it is present with its long feature list. All these sedans give tough competition to the SUV segment in this price range.


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