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New game of Ola electric scooter, started running in reverse without warning, a person from Jodhpur injured

New Delhi.
Ola Electric Scooter New Problem:
Ola Electric Scooter is really playing with its riders and a new problem has come to light in this indigenous e-scooter. Yes, the latest case is that the Ola S1 Pro Electric started running in reverse without warning and due to this a 65-year-old man aboard was injured. Earlier, there was an incident of fire in Ola electric scooter and now a new problem has arisen due to software related problem in Ola S1 Pro. While Ola Electric Company last month surpassed Hero Electric to win the title of Best Selling Electric Scooter, the fault with its electric scooter is certainly a cause for concern.

How did it go in reverse in normal mode?
A new case related to Ola electric scooter is from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, where a 65-year-old man was parking his Ola S1 Pro when he suddenly went into reverse without warning and due to this his head hit the wall. And his hand also got hurt. According to a report in Autocar India, a person named Pallav Maheshwari has written about this problem related to Ola S1 Pro on LinkedIn that this incident happened to his father. He said that due to a software bug in Ola S1 Pro, the accident happened and his father suffered a lot of injuries.

Ola electric scooters are quite popular

Ola scooter caught fire
Let us tell you that some time back also a person driving Ola S1 Pro mentioned a similar problem when his scooter suddenly started accelerating in reverse while it was in normal mode. Along with all this, it is also important to tell you that in March last year an Ola electric scooter caught fire in Pune and after that the company had recalled 1441 Ola S1 Pro. Recently, a government inquiry committee official had said that preliminary investigation has revealed that the Ola electric scooter caught fire due to a fault in the battery cell. Meanwhile, Ola Electric Company is engaged in resolving all the problems related to its scooter.

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