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New features are coming to Google Lens for Chrome. What will they add?

The social network X has new details about the upcoming Google Lens update in the desktop version of Chrome. According to an insider under the nickname Leopeva64, the company will add a couple of useful changes to the browser designed to make working with the service more efficient.

Google lens

According to reports, Google Lens will have a redesigned “Search an image using Google” option, which, when selected, will provide the user with a screenshot deployed in a full-screen interface. Apparently, the next step will be the ability to circle the desired area of ​​the image to search for it on the Internet. Previously, some Android smartphones already received this function.

At the same time, the source reports that Google may provide users with an expanded set of tools for editing screenshots created using this option. The possibility of multi-search (picture + text) using the taken screenshot is also expected.

Google lens

The release date for the new search features in the stable version of Google Chrome is unknown.


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