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New feature added on CoWIN portal, now 4 not so many members can add on 1 mobile number


A new feature has been added along with a new update on the CoWin portal. Yes, it now allows up to six members to register on the platform with a single phone number. Earlier this number was limited to four. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has issued a new statement detailing the new changes in the CoWin platform. New features have been added to the self-registration portal of CoWin.

Now 6 members will be able to add on one mobile number on CoWIN portal

As let us tell you that the vaccination program of Kovid-19 has been run a lot in India and almost everyone has got the vaccine now. Although many people are still left with the vaccine. During this new feature has been added on the CoWIN portal.

Cancellation of Vaccination Status

Apart from this, another change has also been made in the Kovin app. The government will now also allow users to cancel their vaccination status. Raising an issue in the CoWIN account has introduced a new feature through which the beneficiary can cancel his current vaccination status from fully vaccinated to partially vaccinated or unvaccinated status and partially unvaccinated status Vaccination can also be done.

How to register online for Kovid-19 Vaccine

If you have not yet got the vaccine for Kovid-19, then you can register online by following the steps given below:

step 1- First of all you have to go to this website –

Step 2 – After this you will be asked to enter the mobile number on which you want to book your appointment.

Step 3 – After this, now you have to click on Get OTP.

Step 4 – After this you will get an OTP on that mobile number.

Step 5 – Copy and paste the OTP here and then click on the Verify & Proceed button.

Step 6 – Now an option of + Add Member will appear here, click on it.

Step 7 – After this, you will have to fill some details here like name, gender, which ID to put, like if you choose Aadhar card, then you will have to enter the number of Aadhar card below.

Step 8 – After filling all the details click on Add. In this way a new member will be added.


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