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New EK-Quantum Torque Fittings Gold Plated

About two years ago, EK introduced the EK-Quantum Torque fittings. According to the manufacturer, “since then, their popularity has grown exponentially.” The success prompted EK to expand its fitting line with new models and finishes. The latest expansion, Gold, was introduced this week. These fittings are gold plated.

The main material, as before, is brass. Products are turned on a CNC machine, then they are nickel-plated and gilded.

There are already three dozen products in the Gold range, and the company is not going to stop, promising that all new fittings, adapters and extension cords will be available in a gold-plated version.

In particular, the list of new products includes EK-Quantum Torque HDC Gold rigid tube fittings and EK-Quantum Torque STC Gold soft tube fittings. They are offered in several varieties with different diameters. EK-Quantum Torque Gold G1 / 4 “swivel adapters are also available. They are available in three options: 90 ° swivel adapter, 45 ° swivel adapter, and T-bar swivel adapter that can be used to install drains. ports or for parallel connection of components. The full list of new products is too extensive to bring it into the news, but it is on the manufacturer’s website… Prices are also indicated there.

New EK-Quantum Torque Fittings Gold Plated


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