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New content? The authors of New World showed a roadmap for 2022

The developers of the ambitious MMORPG New World, which has lost the lion’s share of its colossal online in recent months, have published a roadmap for 2022. During this time, fans can wait for the release of three content updates.


Of course, we are not talking about full-fledged add-ons in the manner of World of Warcraft. Rather, it is similar to how popular session games like Fallout 76 are developing – gamers are waiting for small events, expeditions, new game modes and reward sets. These are the spring and summer updates.

But in the fall, Amazon promises to release a larger-scale addon. By the anniversary, the title will receive a new region, which includes a full set of activities familiar to MMORPGs. In addition, the game will have a new type of weapon (big sword), a new expedition and two whole game events.

Recall that the New World is not doing very well. After a huge start with almost a million concurrent users, the game experienced an equally huge outflow of audience. At the moment, the peak online is 31,722 people, that is, more than 95% of gamers have fled the MMO. Many complained about the lack of content. Whether the add-ons will be able to return the interest of the players – we will find out during the year.

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