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New classic. The remake of Resident Evil 2 added a camera from the original

Capcom’s latest Resident Evil remakes have shown how you can truly transform old games and breathe new life into them. But some fans still want to feel the atmosphere of the original, and a special mod has appeared for them.


A craftsman under the nickname alphaZomega has created a modification for the Resident Evil 2 remake, which adds the classic fixed camera from the original. To make fighting from unusual angles easier, he also introduced laser designators and the ability to auto-aim. At the same time, the camera will rotate so that the enemy is visible in the sight.

You can download the modification on Nexus Mods . For fans of fine-tuning, the author has added an extended menu where you can tweak the controls and sensitivity of camera change triggers. However, for it to work correctly, you will need to install the additional REFramework mod.


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