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New Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Patch Will Add The Lowest Difficulty Level

The question of the complexity of video games has recently been more and more often posed with an edge – it seems to some that they are becoming too easy, while others (usually journalists and bloggers) are sure that game designers like to gesture. Knowing full well that it was necessary to work for the widest possible audience, Ubisoft decided that in the new update of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla the game could not hurt a little to simplify.

The publisher has released the details of patch 1.5.0. In addition to supporting the upcoming big Dawn of Ragnarök expansion and various tweaks, it will introduce a new difficulty level called Saga to make historical action more accessible.

And that’s not all: a number of unique combat settings will be brought to Valhalla, allowing you to slightly adjust the gameplay for yourself. Among them, for example, the amount of damage received and the regeneration of adrenaline.

In addition, the approximate dimensions of the update have become known:

  • PC — 15,09 ГБ;
  • PlayStation 4 — 7,94 ГБ;
  • PlayStation 5 — 3,60 ГБ;
  • Xbox One — 9,84 ГБ;
  • Xbox Series — 12,27 ГБ.

“Dawn of Ragnarok”, we recall, comes out on March 10th. In this promising DLC, players will have to take control of Odin himself – the supreme god – and go to save Balder.

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