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Never make this mistake while using Whatsapp? Here are the ways to keep yourself safe


Friend in need scams are more, so do not send any money etc. in a hurry.
Don’t even pick up unknown video calls to keep yourself safe from WhatsApp scams
In WhatsApp, fraudsters implicate more through racket links, so do not copy every link.

New Delhi. Fraudsters are now leaving no stone unturned to cheat even through WhatsApp. Phishing through links or ‘friend in need’ scams are increasing rapidly. When such incidents increase, users have been warned by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and even the WhatsApp company. The scammers of WhatsApp usually scam through the numbers of your friends / family. Such scams are more harmful for you when your active WhatsApp number is not with you or the mobile itself is lost somewhere.

The first way to protect yourself from scams on WhatsApp is to not click on a suspicious message if you receive it. For example, calling or requesting a voice note is an easy way to check who they are. If a video call is coming on WhatsApp from outside the country or from an unknown number, then pick it up carefully.

Secondly, if you or any of your acquaintance’s mobile phone is lost, then immediately inform the police. If a scam has happened, block that number. Since, in case of loss of mobile there is a lot of possibility that it can be used to send disturbing messages.

In a case to protect against WhatsApp scams, the cyber cell said, ‘If you receive a message from a friend or family member asking for money, instead of sending money immediately, call that acquaintance once. Do it Also, check the source of the message you received.

If you get suspicious messages, then also look at the language used in it, because typing errors are more in such messages. In WhatsApp, fraudsters trap more through the racket link, so do not copy the link. A WhatsApp statement also said, ‘If you receive a suspicious message…calling or requesting a voice note is an easy way for someone to check who they are.’

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