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Never ignore these 3 things while driving in the rain, negligence often leads to major accidents

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Monsoon has started in many parts of the country. Even though the weather in the monsoon season is pleasant and there is relief from the scorching heat, but this season also brings trouble for many people. There are many people who give up driving in this season. There can be many reasons for this, which include many reasons like traffic, wet roads, risk of accident. If you are also one of those people who are worried about taking out a car during the monsoon season, then using these few tips can make your driving experience much better in monsoon.

What is the effect of rain on the traction of the car?

Driving on wet roads requires utmost patience. Wherever there is a need, there must be a slow down. Apart from this, care should also be taken regarding gas and brakes. Traction is less on wet roads during the monsoon season. The road temperature is also lower during this period and hence the tires take time to warm up. Whenever faced with a curvy road, the vehicle should be driven slowly as the tires of the vehicle tend to lose traction at the corners. If users have to pass through a downhill area, during that time the vehicle should be left in lower gear as well as engine compression should be used so that the vehicle continues to run at a fixed speed. This tip can also be adopted for open roads.

Do not ignore the features of the car

Many types of electronics are seen in modern cars, which include many features like Hill Traction Control, ESP, ABS, Hill Descent Control, Automatic Wipers. Although in the rainy season, you may feel like turning off these features and driving comfortably, but in the monsoon season it would be good to use these features so that your vehicle remains in control at all times.

take care of tire pressure

Tires play an important role in any season, in the monsoon season, the importance of tires increases even more. Users should ensure that their tires are in good shape and that they are aligned and balanced with each other. The tread in the tyres should be checked to see if there is any suspension problem. Also the tire pressure should be checked. Over-inflated tires tend to provide poor traction, so this also becomes necessary.

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