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Neither gold nor stock market, Bitcoin created a shower of money, here is the proof.

In the current year, which of Bitcoin, Gold or the stock market has given the highest returns?

The cryptocurrency market or rather the world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin has been in the news in the last few days. A few hours ago, Bitcoin also broke the 28-month-old record. Now the life time high of Bitcoin has crossed 69 thousand dollars. On the other hand, gold is also no less. He also made his new life time high on March 5. Gold prices in India have crossed Rs 65 thousand. The stock market is also trading at its record level. Investors are getting silver from all three places. But among these, the one that has showered the most money on investors is none other than Bitcoin. Which has given returns of more than 50 percent in the current year. Let us also tell you who has earned how much money for the investors.

How much did gold earn?

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First of all, if we talk about gold, then gold has given a return of one and a half percent to the investors in the current year. Even though the price of gold crossed the level of Rs 65 thousand on March 5, the returns are not as much as was expected. If we talk about the last one year, an increase of about Rs 10 thousand has been seen. On March 5, the price of gold on MCX was more than Rs 55 thousand. However, some experts believe that the price of gold is yet to rise further. By the month of June, the price of gold can reach Rs 70 thousand.

How much return did silver give?

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On the other hand, if we talk about silver, investors have suffered losses in it. In the current year, investors have suffered a loss of about Rs 2500 per kg from silver. In the last trade of last year, the price of silver was Rs 75,500, which has come down to Rs 73,022 on March 6. If we talk about one year, then on March 5, 2023, the price of silver was Rs 64,413 per kg. This means that the price of gold has seen an increase of about Rs 9 thousand.

Stock market also booming

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On the other hand, the stock market is also trading at record levels. In the current year, Sensex has given a return of 1.69 percent to the investors. If we talk about the whole year, a growth of 22 percent has been seen. This means that an increase of about 13,266 points has been seen in the Sensex. On the other hand, Nifty of National Stock Exchange has given a return of about 2.50 percent to the investors, that too one percent more than the Sensex. In the last one year, Nifty has given a return of about 26 percent. Ten means that Nifty has seen an increase of 4,562 points in a year.

Bitcoin gave the highest return

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If we talk about the world’s largest cryptocurrency, it has given more returns than all the assets. Talking in Indian rupees, the price of Bitcoin has crossed Rs 55 lakh. In the current year, Bitcoin has given 50 percent return to investors. Whereas in the last one year, Bitcoin has given investors an income of about 200 percent. A year ago, the price of one bitcoin in India was Rs 18.34 lakh. Now you understand how much income Bitcoin has generated at present. In the international market, on March 5, Bitcoin crossed 69 thousand dollars and reached a life time high.


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