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Naxeon I AM e-moto introduced with 182KM range, know from design to features

Chinese startup Naxeon is preparing to introduce the new I AM e-Moto electric mini-bike, which was showcased during ECMA 2023. Electric mobility solutions have been expanding rapidly in the last few years. Naxeon has been continuously creating unique models and I AM e-moto is new in this category. The Naxeon I AM electric bike offers an exciting and affordable experience while traveling in the city. This is a performance-loaded electric bike that is fast enough for city commuting.

Price and availability of Naxeon I AM e-moto

According to reports, Naxeon Naxeon is preparing to launch I AM e-moto in Germany soon. The price of Naxeon I AM e-moto is €7,400 (approximately Rs 6,61,641). The initial units of the Naxeon I AM e-moto will arrive in 2024.

Power and range of the Naxeon I AM e-moto

I AM e-moto has an electric motor which provides a speed of 120 km per hour. The electric motor is integrated into the hub of the rear wheel of the bike. It has a 6.5kWh capacity battery with a semi-solid unit. Talking about the range, the range of I AM e-moto is between 120 km to 182 km. This bike comes with fast-charging architecture, which can charge from 20% to 80% in 1.5 hours. Naxeon I AM will come to France and Belgium first.

The unique design and styling of the I AM e-moto somewhat resembles the design of the Honda Grom mini-bike. it electric bike A sleek and futuristic model that looks like something from a science fiction movie. Nexion was launched in 2021 and has partnered with e-Equilibrium to enter the European market. Naxeon says that the brand is introducing a futuristic model with I AM in the European market.


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