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NATO weapons for Ukraine

Accordingly, armor penetration varies in the range of 600-800 mm, which is almost half the size of the Cornet. However, Javelin hits armored vehicles through the upper projection (stupidly through the roof of the tower), where the armor is thinnest, but here’s the catch – the cumulative jet, burning through the armor, uses fragments and melted drops of this tank’s own armor to defeat the crew, equipment and ammunition.

That is, the thinner the armor, the less striking element. The cumulative jet itself does not create a significant high-explosive or thermobaric effect after breaking through (that is, an explosion, a sharp increase in temperature and pressure, affecting the crew in the first place). Therefore, in Syria, there were many cases when tanks got off quite easily after being hit.

Simply put, the Americans probably would like to test their complex in a real confrontation with hundreds of combat vehicles, and to do it with someone else’s hands is much preferable. One can admit this reason as one of the decisive ones, why Ukraine receives hundreds of such complexes, when there are heated debates about other species, such as with …

Iron dome

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