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NASA’s Orion spacecraft reaches near the moon, know the important updates of Artemis 1 mission

The Artemis 1 mission of the American space agency NASA is progressing successfully. According to information, NASA’s Orion spacecraft flew very close to the moon on Monday. It crossed the Moon’s surface with a radius of 81 miles. No astronaut is present in this spacecraft. The mission was launched on 16 November. Since then it is traveling to the moon and this journey will continue for 20 more days.

Howard Hu, Orion program manager at NASA, during a press conference on Monday evening Told That the vehicle is doing its job. One of the objectives of the mission is also to test whether the Orion spacecraft is working according to its design. Is there any need for any change in it? Only after this a decision will be taken on carrying astronauts in this spacecraft. The mission can be launched by the year 2024. This will be the third Artemis mission, carrying the Orion spacecraft as well as a SpaceX vehicle. It will land astronauts on the surface of the Moon.

NASA has expressed the possibility that by the end of this decade, humans will be living on the moon for a long time. Howard Hu said that the Artemis mission enables us to have a permanent platform and transportation system. It allows us to learn how to operate in that deep space environment. Howard Hu said that we are working towards a permanent program on the Moon. Pointing to the Orion spacecraft, he said that this would be the vehicle that would take man to the moon again.

orion spacecraft making his journey. So far it is moving in the right direction. According to NASA, Orion had covered a distance of 3 lakh 74 thousand 467 kilometers. Till Sunday it was 63 thousand 570 km away from the Moon. This spacecraft is running at a speed of about 600 kilometers per hour. NASA wants astronauts to stay on the Moon for at least two months in the future. Living on the moon for a long time and exploring there can lead to scientific breakthroughs.

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