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Nasa’s new moon mission launch date revealed, will the third attempt be successful?

After two failed attempts, the US space agency NASA is reportedly considering a third attempt to launch its ‘Artemis 1’ moon rocket on September 23. There is also information that the agency can launch the mission on September 27. According to a report in Phys.org, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Exploration System Development, ‘Jim Free’, revealed on Thursday that the next possible dates for the upcoming Artemis I launch could be September 23 and 27. This will be NASA’s third attempt at launch.

Told It is said that NASA will have an 80-minute launch window on September 23 and a 70-minute launch window on September 27.

It is also worth noting that another important program has been planned by NASA in that week. Actually, NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) is going to hit an asteroid on September 26 to save our planet from the things near the Earth.

America and its space agency NASA, which brought the first man to the Moon, are once again engaged in launching the Moon mission. But the first phase of the Artemis mission i.e. Artemis 1 mission has been canceled twice. The mission was postponed on the first attempt due to a fault in the RS-25 engine of the Space Launch System (SLS) rocket, while on the second attempt the mission was suspended due to a hydrogen leak at the ‘quick disconnect’ interface between the rocket and the liquid hydrogen fuel feed line. Had to postpone

Recently, NASA had said that it would replace the faulty seal that caused the leak. Meanwhile the rocket is still on the launchpad. The two dates that are coming out now, we will have to wait for them. It should be assumed that NASA will launch the Artemis 1 mission this month. This mission is quite late from its scheduled time. Since the time of testing of the rocket, many flaws have been revealed in it, which has worked to push the mission dates.

It was finally set for August 29, but the mission was postponed at the last minute. On the success of this mission, the upcoming missions of NASA also rest. No astronauts will go to the Moon in the Artemis 1 mission, but astronauts can be sent to space during the Artemis III mission. NASA has also started preparations for that mission and has entrusted the responsibility of preparing the spacesuits of the astronauts to Axicom Space.

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