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NASA’s mysterious military drone has broken its record for being in space. Boeing X-37B has been in orbit for over 780 days

The mysterious military unmanned spacecraft Boeing X-37B has broken its own orbital record.

The previous record was set in 2019, when the craft landed after 780 days in space, but now Boeing has published a report that the record has been broken, as the space plane, as the company calls it, has already been in orbit for 781 days as part of the next mission. However, this message was published on July 7, that is, at the moment the X-37B has been in space for 784 days, and it is not yet known when it will return to Earth.

The new Orbital Test Vehicle 6 mission launched on May 17, 2020. This is the sixth mission, and the device made its first flight back in 2010! At the same time, there are still a lot of rumors around the Boeing X-37B regarding its purpose. In particular, the media often write that this is an apparatus for experiments with orbital weapons.

Despite this, some data is quite accessible to everyone who is interested. For example, as part of an ongoing mission last year, one of the experiments involved testing a photovoltaic RF antenna module at the US Naval Research Laboratory. This module is designed to convert solar energy into microwave radiation.

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