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NASA’s ‘Moon Rocket’ ready after 12 years of hard work, will rollout tomorrow

If the rollout goes ahead without a hitch, the ‘Wet Dress Rehearsal’ could take place on April 3.

The American space agency NASA is once again making a mission to send humans to the Moon. We have already given this information to you. The latest update is that NASA is going to roll out its Space Launch System (SLS) rocket for the mission. Through this, there are plans to take humans to the Moon, Mars and beyond. This system has been in the making for the last decade, due to delays in which its cost has increased. However, NASA hopes that once it is successfully launched, it will cover the delay in its development. The Space Launch System (SLS) consists of two parts. First- super-heavy rocket and second- Orion spacecraft. Both these parts will be rolled out to the launchpad for a ‘Wet Dress Rehearsal’ at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, USA. The rollout is likely to take around 11 hours.

In this entire process, NASA will first roll out the SLS. Then she will do many more tests to prove her readiness. Lastly, there will be a pre-launch test called ‘Wet Dress Rehearsal’. During this the system will be loaded from its proplant tanks. According to a report in TechCrunch , Artemis launch director Charlie Blackwell-Thompson has said that if Thursday’s rollout goes ahead without a hitch, a ‘wet dress rehearsal’ could take place on April 3.

Work on SLS started in the year 2010, but due to technical issues, the project faced difficulties. NASA’s ‘Artemis I’ mission was to take off in November last year. Just a month before the launch, NASA said it had pushed the timeline and the mission would be launched by mid-February. The special thing is that the mission could not be launched even in February and this date has been extended again.

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Due to the delay in the project, its cost is also increasing. Earlier this month, a NASA auditor reported that the operational cost for the first four Artemis missions would be $4.1 billion (about Rs 31,336 crore) and the single SLS would cost $2.2 billion (about Rs 16,813 crore) to build.  

In comparison, billionaire Elon Musk’s company SpaceX is building a super-heavy rocket. The special thing is that this rocket can be used again. With the help of this rocket, she will save 10 million dollars (about Rs 76 crore) per launch in the next few years.


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