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NASA will take help of its satellites in search of aliens! this is preparation

The US space agency NASA has intensified the search for UFOs. She wants to reach the aliens soon and for this she is also preparing to put her satellites in this mission. NASA says it is considering turning its satellites into alien search devices. Last month, NASA announced that it was launching an investigation into hundreds of NXSpland UFO sightings that would last eight months. The team that launched the investigation is exploring whether satellites in space can be repurposed to give another perspective on strange aerial phenomena reported from Earth.

This is part of a larger study on unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP), which is scheduled to begin later this year. daily star NASA’s deputing administrator Pam Melroy said at a press conference in London that his team is going to look at questions like whether we have sensors that can see things, the Telegraph wrote.

He said, the question is also that we have a lot of satellites which are looking at the earth, are any of them useful? Explaining his point, he said that before building a rover going to Mars, it is important to find out which sensors will have to be made to find the most important thing there.

Last month, NASA revealed its plans to study the UAP. Under this, the agency is planning to use the technology that is present in space, that is, no new technology will be developed for this study. NASA currently plans to collect as much data as possible about this.

NASA also says that it currently has no evidence to tell about UFOs, UAPs or aliens. But it is necessary to work on it because it has an impact on national security and air safety.

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