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NASA will monitor dust in Earth’s atmosphere from 400 km altitude, mission will be launched today

The US space agency NASA is going to launch a new mission today on the rocket of Elon Musk’s company SpaceX. The purpose of the Earth Surface Mineral Dust Source Investigation Mission (EMIT) is to look at the effect of dust on the Earth’s climate. This experiment will be carried out from the International Space Station (IIS). SpaceX’s Dragon spacecraft will fly to IIS from the launch site at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and will supply equipment to the crew.

Report According to the report, the Dragon spacecraft will carry more than 5,800 pounds of cargo, including a variety of NASA-related items such as EMIT. It will identify the composition of mineral dust from the arid regions of the Earth and analyze the dust present in the desert environment to find out how it affects the Earth. This will help NASA to monitor climate change.

The purpose of this mission is to know about the structure of minerals, due to which dust is formed in the air. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said in a statement in May that due to this the weather could be affected. It can melt the ice from our planet. Not only this, dust can also travel a great distance in our atmosphere. Scientists had said that dust particles originating from North Africa can travel thousands of miles around the world.

Researchers have spent decades mapping dust pathways to better understand climate change models. But he could not yet understand the structure of the particles. Overall, the purpose of EMIT is to learn how dust warms or cools our planet and how it changes over time. To know all this, more would be needed to know about the composition of the dust.

EMIT will be deployed at the International Space Station. It will map the sources of mineral dust from an altitude of 250 miles (400 km). The instrument is fitted with a spectrometer, which breaks the sunlight reflected off the Earth into different colours. This will help in understanding the composition of dust. EMIT will be able to see about 80 km of land area at a time. During the mission, it will also keep an eye on the changes taking place in these areas.

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