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NASA warns of more dangerous solar eruptions, this may affect the earth

In many reports, we have read that all the movements are being seen in the Sun. Due to these, events like solar flares and coronal mass ejection (CME) etc. Actually, our Sun is going through its 11 year cycle. It is in very active phase. Recently, the US space agency NASA had said in a warning that there is a possibility of repeated giant solar eruptions. This explosion and increase in them will continue till the year 2025. Because of this, satellites and astronauts can be affected. This is Solar Cycle 25, which has been started from December 2019.

of nasa tell It is predicted that in the year 2025, we will reach the peak of the 11-year solar cycle of the Sun, also known as the Solar Maximum. Because of this, the chances of coronal mass ejection (CME) and solar flares will increase greatly. According to experts, a new solar cycle begins every 11 years. During this period the Sun changes from a quiet ball of fire to an active and stormy sphere and then becomes calm. During this, coronal mass ejections and solar flares are emitted from the Sun towards the Earth. Because of this, geomagnetic storms occur on Earth and satellites and the power grid on Earth can be affected.

What is CME

CMEs are large clouds of solar plasma. After a solar explosion, these clouds spread into the Sun’s magnetic field in space. Due to their rotation in space, they expand and often they reach a distance of several lakh miles. Sometimes they collide with the magnetic field of the planets. When their direction is towards the Earth, they can cause geomagnetic disturbances. Because of these, short circuits can occur in satellites and power grids can be affected. If their effect is high, they can also put the astronauts in Earth’s orbit at risk.

At the same time, when the Sun’s magnetic energy is released, solar flares are formed from the light and particles emitted from it. These flares are the most powerful explosions ever in our solar system, releasing energy comparable to billions of hydrogen bombs.

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