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NASA took such a magical picture of a star 5,600 light years away, you will also be surprised to see

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has uncovered a fascinating phenomenon after capturing a picture of a star located about 5,600 light years away. This telescope image shows the star, which researchers suspect is surrounded by concentric circles of outgoing light. The star in the picture is a binary pair of rare stars in the constellation of Cygnus. The interaction between them results in explosions of dust that are spreading in the form of spheres in the space around the stars over time.

One of Science Alert Report According to reports, these dust balls glow in the infrared, due to which NASA’s JWST Sensitive Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI) was able to capture them with details. The rare pair of stars consists of an extremely rare Wolf-Rayet star called WR 140 and a hot and massive O-type star companion, which is also a rarity.

Meanwhile, O-type stars are considered to be among the most massive stars that are brighter and hotter. However, their lifespan is quite short due to their enormous size. The pair of stars in WR 140 has strong stellar winds that are blowing through space at about 3,000 kilometers per second. Due to this, both stars are losing mass at a high rate.

The dust in the system is in the form of carbon that absorbs ultraviolet light from stars. This heats up the dust which re-emits the thermal radiation captured in Webb’s photographs. Stellar winds blow the air outward, expanding the partial dust shell.

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