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NASA showed the design of a space “postcard” to extraterrestrial intelligence [VIDEO]

The space agency has shown what a commemorative plaque looks like, which will soon be sent aboard the Europa Clipper robotic station. The new probe will search for extraterrestrial life in the subglacial ocean of Europa, one of Jupiter’s many moons.

Nasa sign to space

Europa is one of Jupiter’s 69 moons and the smallest of the four so-called “Galilean moons” of the gas giant. Scientists estimate that there is twice as much water there as in all the earth’s oceans. This fact makes our planet and Europe related, which is reflected in the appearance of the plate.

The plate measuring 18×28 cm is made of tantalum. In fact, it represents the lid of the compartment with scientific equipment on the station. Engraved on the front are the frequencies at which humanity attempts to detect alien signals. The plaque also included a handwritten poem by American poet Ada Limon, “In Praise of Mystery: A Poem for Europe.”

Engraved on the back are 103 pronunciations of the word “water” in different languages ​​and dialects. The engraving is made in the form of a visual image of sound waves. In the center was placed a symbol representing water in the American version of the alphabet for the deaf and dumb. In addition, it was marked with the names of over 2.6 million people who wished to send a mention of themselves into space.

Europa Clipper is scheduled for delivery in October 2024. The station should arrive in the Jupiter system by 2030. The station is expected to make 49 flybys of Europe. NASA hopes to find signs of life that could presumably reside in the moon’s subglacial ocean. The chances of the station landing are not that high. Most likely, it will simply burn up in the satellite’s atmosphere.


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