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NASA: See the whole universe in a single photo

How big is the whole universe. Humans are not aware of this. Maybe it will never happen. But scientists have tried to capture all the universe they have seen so far in one picture. This picture is so amazing you will get lost in it just by looking at it…

What do we know how big the universe is. But the American space agency NASA has put that much part of the universe in a picture, which is known to humans. NASA calls it the visible universe i.e. the Observable Universe. To make this one picture, the help of many telescopes, radio telescopes, radars, space telescopes around the world has been taken. 

What is the size of the visible universe? (How Big Is Observable Universe?)

The size of the visible universe i.e. the Observable Universe is 28.5 gigaparsec. That is 93 billion light years. If we put it in more simple language, then 9300 crore light years. Out of this, scientists have seen a distance of about 14.26 gigaparsecs i.e. about 4650 million light years. 

Observable Universe: Picture of the visible universe created by the US space agency NASA. (Photo: Pablo Carlos Budasi/NASA)

What is inside this universe? (What is in Universe?)

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So far, six large-scale surveys have been conducted to map the universe. Which shows that there are shapes as long as 30 to 200 megaparsecs inside it. It has space walls. A group of galaxies. There are clusters of galaxies. There are filaments. There are superclusters. There are planets. There are stars. There are supernovae and nebula. Which people usually call the web of the universe i.e. the Cosmic Web.  


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