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NASA releases unique image of Saturn’s moon

The space agency has posted a spectacular photo of an astronomical transit of one of Saturn’s moons online. A rare frame gives a visual representation of the size of the planet, and also allows you to look at it from an unusual angle through the “eyes” of a space probe.


The satellite of Saturn, named Dione, was discovered back in 1684. This is a relatively small space object with a diameter of 562 km – only about a third of the size of the moon. The photograph taken by the Cassini probe from a distance of about 2.3 million kilometers is remarkable for its unusual angle – the gas giant itself is visible against the background of the satellite, as well as its famous rings.

Dione revolves around Saturn every 2.7 days at a distance of 377,400 km, which roughly corresponds to the orbit of the Earth’s satellite. Scientists believe that Dione is mainly made of ice, and the temperature on the surface of the space object is approximately -186 ° C.

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NASA suggests that Saturn may have 82 moons in total. To date, the existence of only fifty-three has been officially proven – all of them received unique names and were included in the databases of the scientific community.



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