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NASA plans to grow plants on the Moon

NASA is planning the first large-scale experiment to cultivate plants in space. The initial apparatus, named LEAF, serves as a greenhouse and is designed to study the effects of extreme lunar conditions on plant growth.

Plants on the moon

Alongside astronauts, two additional modules will be delivered to the satellite. These include LEMS (Lunar Environment Monitoring Station) and LDA (Lunar Dielectric Analyzer). LEMS will involve the installation of autonomous seismometers capable of monitoring moonquakes, contributing to a three-year experiment aimed at mapping the Moon’s crust and mantle structure in detail.

Nasa plans to grow plants on the moon

LDA will gather data on the Moon’s interior structure and monitor dielectric changes resulting from the shifting solar angle as the satellite rotates. This information could pinpoint suspected frost or ice deposits.

NASA asserts that insights gained from plant growth and environmental data will enhance scientists’ understanding of how plants develop in lunar conditions. This knowledge could prove invaluable for utilizing plants as food sources and sustaining life on the Moon and beyond.


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