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NASA Launches Site With All Asteroids Approaching Earth

The new monitoring technology is called Sentry-II. It replaced the Sentry system deployed in 2002. NASA has since developed a new algorithm that will more accurately assess the risk of asteroid collisions with Earth.

The fact is that the Sentry system did not take into account the Yarkovsky effect – a phenomenon in which an asteroid has a weak reactive impulse due to thermal radiation from a surface that is heated during the day and cooled down at night. Sentry-II resolves this issue. The Yarkovsky effect affects the orbit of asteroids for a long time. For example, because of this, the orbit of Apophis is shifted, which has a chance to collide with the Earth in 2068.

Site “Eyes on Asteroids” can already be visited and studied there all the discovered asteroids. NASA will keep updating the data.

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