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NASA has selected possible areas for landing astronauts on the moon. There are 13

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has selected 13 possible areas for future astronaut landings on the moon under the Artemis program.

It is noted that all areas are located near the South Pole of the Earth’s satellite. These included: the rim of Faustini crater, the high ground near Shackleton crater, several places on the rim of De Gerlach crater, Malapert crater, several places on the rim of Nobile crater, and other places.

Each area has a range of potential landing sites [астронавтов] as part of the third phase of the Artemis program, which will be the first mission in which a crew will land on the lunar surface, including the first woman to set foot on the lunar surface“, the statement says.

The ministry emphasized that the specific landing site will depend on the choice of the launch window. In this regard, the decision will be made after the final dates of the flight are determined.

NASA announced in the spring of 2019 that the astronaut landing program on the moon, called Artemis, includes three stages. The first is the launch into space using the new Space Launch System launch vehicle of the Orion spacecraft, which, in unmanned mode, will make several orbits around the Moon and return to Earth. The second is a flight around the natural satellite of the Earth with a crew on board, which is scheduled for 2023. In the third phase in 2025, NASA expects to take astronauts to the moon, and then send them to Mars in the mid-2030s.

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