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NASA: cooperation between Russia and the United States on the ISS will continue

According to the Independent, citing the North American space agency NASA, cooperation between Russia and the United States on the ISS will continue as normal despite the situation in Ukraine, even taking into account the extremely complicated political relations between Russia and the United States.

“NASA will continue to work with all of our international partners, including the state corporation Roscosmos, to continue safe operations on the International Space Station. The new export controls will continue to allow US-Russian civil space cooperation. No changes are planned to support the agency’s orbital and ground activities , ”said NASA.

It is known that within the framework of Russian-American cooperation, it is planned to return one of the NASA astronauts to Earth on March 30 aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. There are currently two Russian cosmonauts and five astronauts from NASA and the European Space Agency on the ISS.

NASA noted that cooperation will continue on the ground, three cosmonauts are now training at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, and in February, two NASA astronauts completed training in Russia.



However, it is not yet known how the cooperation will proceed in the future. It is known that US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) has already announced the restriction of the supply of certain space technologies, to which the head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin responded with a series of critical posts on Twitter. In particular, he stressed that access to foreign radio-resistant space electronics was blocked back in 2014, and the correction of the ISS orbit to avoid space debris and not only  “is carried out exclusively by the engines of Russian Progress MS cargo ships” . Rogozin warned that in case of refusal to cooperate, the ISS could literally fall on the United States, India or, for example, China, since it does not fly over the territory of Russia itself.




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