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NASA announced the date of landing a man on Mars

NASA chief Bill Nelson spoke about the agency’s plans to land astronauts on Mars. According to him, this should happen within the next two decades.

Thus, the experience of the Artemis program should serve as the basis for the strategy for conquering the Red Planet. It is she who, in turn, implies manned exploration of the moon.

” Our goal is to apply our knowledge of life and work on the Moon to further exploration of the planets in the solar system. Our plan is to have humans walk on Mars by 2040.

Bill Nelson


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Recall that the day before on Monday, US President Joe Biden proposed a draft budget for fiscal year 2023. It is planned to allocate about 26 billion dollars to NASA. This money, if received, the agency will spend on scientific research, study of the Earth and the development of space technologies for their application under the Artemis-1 program.


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