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NASA Alert: 4 asteroids moving towards Earth between August 14 and 18! Know what is at risk

NASA has expressed concern about a meteorite moving towards the Earth. Recently a 110 feet meteorite body has passed through the earth. It was named 2022 OT1. Now another meteorite body is moving towards the earth, whose size is also being said to be twice that of 2022 OT1. NASA has issued a warning and said that the 190 feet size meteor body is moving rapidly towards the Earth. The space agency says that meteors or asteroids revolve around the Sun in most cases, but sometimes they change their direction under the influence of the planet’s gravity. So far only one small meteorite has hit Earth which did very little damage.

Published in HT Tech Report According to, NASA has said that now four asteroids will pass close to Earth in the next few days. One of the largest of these meteorites is an asteroid named 2022 PC, whose size is said to be 190 feet. On August 18, it will be closest to Earth. Its distance from the earth is said to be 63 lakh kilometers. This new meteorite is much larger than the asteroid that passed away a day earlier. It is running at a speed of 4.07 kilometers per second.

Not only this, before this, another danger is moving towards the earth. A space rock named 2022 PW is moving towards Earth. It will be closest to Earth on 16 August. Its distance will be only 5 lakh 29 thousand kilometers. The distance between the Earth and the Moon is 3 lakh 85 thousand kilometers. Accordingly, this asteroid will pass very close to the Earth.
NASA’s Asteroid Watch Dashboard tracks these celestial bodies and comets. It keeps news of how close an asteroid will pass to Earth and how damaging it can be. The latest information has revealed that the 71 feet wide 2022 0A4 asteroid of the size of the airplane is moving towards the earth at a speed of 7.86 kilometers per second today. According to NASA, an asteroid larger than 150 meters i.e. about 492 feet can become a danger when it reaches close to the Earth. However, the asteroids that NASA has given information about moving towards Earth have not been declared a threat.

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