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Narrowly saved life because of helmet, watch full video of the accident


Helmet will save your life, if you don’t believe then watch this videoImage Credit source: Freepik/Instagram Video

Not only this, it is advised to wear a helmet for safety while driving a two wheeler. Helmet helps in saving life, whenever you buy a helmet, pay attention to the quality. A cheap helmet with poor quality can break during a road accident, due to which the risk of injury can also increase. Recently a video has surfaced on Instagram, in this video it is seen that Maruti Suzuki Ignis hits a bike rider.

This video of a bike rider being hit can give goosebumps to anyone, the bike rider was under the car but despite this nothing happened to the bike rider. A good helmet plays the biggest role in saving the life of a bike rider.

This video has been shared on the Instagram account of Safecars India quoting Rushlane. In the video, people are seen lifting the person who came out from under the car. The good thing was that the life of this bike rider was saved because of the helmet.

How to choose a good helmet for yourself?

If you ride a two wheeler, then whenever you choose a helmet for yourself, keep some important things in mind like buy only that helmet which comes with ISI mark. ISI marked helmet ensures good quality. While buying a helmet, definitely try it on, buy only the helmet which fits the head. If the helmet is loose then avoid buying such a helmet, a loose helmet can also come off the head during a road accident.

Even though the helmet should be strong in quality, it should be light in weight. After wearing a helmet, the head should not feel heavy. Half face and full face options are available in the market, but for safety, it is advisable to wear a full face helmet.



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