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Mukesh Ambani’s Jio again came out ahead in this matter! Mat dust to Vi-Airtel

TRAI i.e. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has released its figures for the month of April, from these figures it is clear that Mukesh Ambani’s telecom company Reliance Jio has achieved a huge jump of 2Mbps in 4G download speed in April at number one. He has maintained his position. How was the condition of Jio and other telecom companies, let us give you information about this in this article today so that you can know better about your telecom company.

In terms of 4G download speed in April, Jio’s speed was 23.1Mbps, while remind that in March the speed was 21.1Mbps. Airtel’s speed was recorded at 13.7Mbps in March, while the speed has increased to 14.1Mbps in April, but let us tell you that the company is still lagging behind the speed of 15Mbps recorded in February.

Vi happened like this
TRAI data shows that Vodafone Idea aka Vi’s 4G download speed has registered a decline for the second month as well. In February, the speed dropped to 18.4Mbps, while in April the speed dropped to 17.7Mbps.

These TRAI figures given above show that Jio has beaten both Airtel and Vi in terms of average 4G download speed. Jio’s speed has been recorded 9Mbps more than Airtel and 5.4Mbps more than Vi.

This happened in the upload speed of the companies
After the download speed, now let’s talk about the average 4G upload speed, in this case Vi has overtaken other companies, Vodafone Idea has recorded 8.2Mbps speed, while Reliance Jio is in second place with 7.6Mbps speed. Been together Airtel’s speed was 6.1Mbps in April, let us know that in the upload speed test, Jio is the only company whose speed increased, while there was no change in the speed of Airtel and Vi. But one thing is worth noting here, like download, Airtel also stood third in the upload speed test.

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