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MTS started issuing SIM-cards “on the face” without a passport

The Russian mobile operator MTS announced the launch of VisionLabs computer vision technology in MTS stores to serve customers without presenting an identity card.

As the press service notes, biometric face authentication has been introduced in Russian cellular retail for the first time. It is designed to improve the security of service, make it faster and more convenient.

The new service is based on the Luna computer vision platform developed by VisionLabs. To confirm the identity, the client just needs to look at the webcam in the MTS salon. The system detects a face, selects the best frame and extracts a biometric template from the image, after which it compares it with the existing database. If a match is found, the operation will be approved.

In order to use the passport-free service, the subscriber, after providing his written consent, must be photographed in the MTS salon – enter a digital “cast” of his face into the MTS biometric identification platform. After that, the client, without presenting an identity document, can use all available services: change the number, SIM card, tariff plans, connect and disconnect services, and perform other operations.

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