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Movie Review: Connect

Movie Review: Connect

Actor: Nayantara,Anupam Kher,Satyaraj,Vinay Roy,haniya nafisa

Director: Ashwin Saravanangrade:Tamil, Horror, Thrillerduration:1 Hrs 39 Minwrite a review

Critic Rating: 2.5/5
Readers Rating: 0/5


The shadow of a ghost on an innocent and then religious rituals to drive away that ghost has been an evergreen formula of horror films. But in the last few years, the trick of exorcism has been exploited so much that if there is no innovation, the film becomes predictable and all the excitement gets wasted. This is what happened with director Ashwin Saravanan’s film ‘Connect’. Based on exorcism, ‘Connect’ despite being scary, does not shock the audience.

Story of Connect

The story begins on a very positive note where Joseph (Vinay Rai), a doctor by profession is very close to his teenage daughter Ana (Haniya Nafisa). His wife Sussanne (Nayanthara) and his elderly father Arthur (Sathyaraj) all share a strong bond. They are enjoying their holidays at a picturesque place. Anna wants to go abroad to study music, father Joseph supports her, but Susan wants to go abroad after a few years. The issue is being discussed among the family when a call comes from Joseph’s hospital that due to virus infection there has been an influx of patients in the hospital. Joseph has to immediately reach the hospital and join duty.

Covid has spread in the city and Joseph is unable to come home from the hospital while treating patients. Meanwhile, he also gets corona infected and dies in the hospital without meeting his daughter and wife. Ana is unable to bear the loss of her father and tries to contact her father’s spirit through a Ouija board, but she does not know that in the process the ghost will take possession of her. That too at a time when Ana and her mother Susan Kovid have become positive. Sussanne’s father is also in another city due to the strict lockdown, what will Sussanne do to save her daughter from the clutches of the ghost? You will know this only after watching the film.

‘Connect’ movie review

Ashwin Saravanan, who has directed films like ‘Maya’ and ‘Game Over’, kept the nationwide lockdown and Covid in the backdrop of this haunting tale, but he could not capitalize on those cruel conditions in the film. Though the story starts off in a scary manner, the horror element fades away as it progresses. The technical aspect of the film is strong. The scenes were shot in a few rooms within the house, which serves to enhance the horror feel.

Online exorcisms may seem new to onlookers, but some questions remain unanswered. For example, when the daughter tries to establish a relationship with the father’s soul, how and why does another ghost take possession of her? His back story should have been shown. Arthur suddenly appears at the house of the daughter who is under home quarantine for the exorcism. There is also a lack of emotions in the film. Background music could have been stronger. The audience does not know the secret of the ghost till the end.

Watch the Hindi trailer of ‘Connect’ here

Connect is Nayanthara’s debut Hindi film. In fact, apart from Hindi, this film has also been made in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Nayantara has done full justice to her role in this. Haniya Nafisa as the innocent teenager-turned-ghost Ana has done a fine job. In many scenes, she manages to scare. Sathyaraj looks fine in the role of Nana Arthur. Anupam Kher has been good in the role of father, but his character has not been developed properly. Vinay Rai fits in the small role of Joseph.

Why see –

It is better that you wait for its release on OTT to watch this film.


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