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Motorcycle Goliath. Offering for sale the world’s only Whitelock Tinker Toy with 48-cylinder motor

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At the upcoming auction Bonhams will present the unique motorcycle Whitelock Tinker Toy, which has earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records. This extravagant motorcycle has a unique motor, consisting of 48 cylinders – a record among all existing vehicles. It is expected that its price at auction will be from 40 to 60 thousand pounds sterling.

It was created by the British Simon Whitelock, who was attracted by building unusual engines for motorcycles. Starting with the transformation of the Kawasaki engine from the in-line «three» to the «four», he gradually progressed to the creation of bikes with seven and nine cylinders. In 2003 he completed the project Tinker Toy, equipped with a motor on 48 cylinders.

To create this motorcycle, 16 three-cylinder engines Kawasaki KH250 were used, combined into six blocks with eight cylinders each. The total working volume reaches 4,2 liters, and to start the engine a separate 125-cubic starter is used.

Motorcycle Goliath. Offering for sale the world's only Whitelock Tinker Toy with 48-cylinder motor

After completing work on the motor, Whitelock created the frame and the rest of the structure around it. The tank, located above the engine, serves as a cover for the ignition system. The generator, installed on the motorcycle, is automotive, and the front part, including forks and brakes, was used on the Honda GoldWing, one of the most massive series motorcycles.

Tinker Toy is capable of starting and moving, although it is extremely inconvenient to control due to its long and wide motor. Strength and other characteristics were not measured. Motorcycles are permitted to drive on public roads in Britain.

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