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Motorcycle chain will remain shiny and smooth, this is the best way to clean it.

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How to clean bike chain.Image Credit source: Freepik

How to clean motorcycle chain: Chain plays an important role in running a motorcycle. The power of the engine goes to the rear wheel only through the chain, and then the bike runs. Therefore it is important to take special care of it. If the chain of your bike is fine then its performance will also be good. Many people are unable to pay attention to the cleanliness of the chain. Today we will tell you what is the easy way to clean the motorcycle chain, and how it should be lubricated.

You can easily clean your bike chain at home. This will not only save time but will also save money. In countries like India, quick contamination of chains is common. Over time the chain keeps attracting dust and dirt, and all this sticks to it. You can do this in these three easy ways Bike The key chain can be cleaned and lubricated.

park the bike

Before cleaning the chain, park the bike in an empty place. Park the bike on the main stand so that there is space all around. This allows you to easily handle the chain and sprockets, as well as move around comfortably while cleaning.

If the bike does not have a main stand then a paddock stand can be used. This will be easily available in the market. In this way you will be able to lubricate and clean the chain easily.

chain cleaning

Now wash the chain a little, because in areas like India, dust and dirt quickly accumulates on the chain. When dust or dirt gets mixed with the lubricant already applied, the chain becomes dirtier. Some bikes come with a chain cover, while in sports bikes the chain remains open. You can use pressure washing to clean the chain.

Use WD-40 after washing the chain. Spray it on the chain while rotating it. Wait a few minutes for the cleaner to penetrate thoroughly into the link. Start scrubbing with the brush to remove any remaining dirt.

Wipe the chain with a clean cloth. It is important to do this so that after cleaning with WD-40, the lubricant gets applied properly to the chain and sprocket.

lubricate the chain

It is necessary to apply lubricant to smooth the chain. With its nozzle you can spray lubricant on every link of the chain. Keep running the chain and spraying. Keep in mind that there is not too much lubrication on the chain, and this lubricant should not get on the tire, this can cause the bike to slip.

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