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Most drugs work even 15 years after the expiration date

It is known that in Asia and Africa, access to medicines is difficult. Therefore, on these continents, the problem of using drugs after the expiration date is urgent. According to the authors of the material, in a study conducted at the request of the military by representatives of the Food and Drug Administration, 90 percent of more than a hundred drugs available to scientists could be used even 15 years after the expiration date had expired.

This means that their expiration date does not at all indicate the period when the medicine becomes unsafe or stops helping. Although, in general, the shelf life is the period of time during which the manufacturer gives a guarantee of the safety of the drug. The right external conditions can help to extend the shelf life: for example, you need to avoid places with high humidity, as well as those where the temperature is very high; It is best to place the medicine boxes in a cool dry place away from light (for example, in a refrigerator). It is also necessary to keep the lids of the medicine bottles tightly closed, to make sure that children or pets cannot get medicine.

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