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Moskvich 3e in Russia turned out to be more expensive than Tesla Model 3 in the USA

Tesla continues an active price war, reducing the prices of its electric vehicles. After the last price cut, the new Tesla Model 3 in the US began to cost less than the new Moskvich 3e electric car in Russia.

When converted into our money, Tesla Model 3 in the USA is offered at a price of 3.2 million rubles, and Moskvich 3e in Russia costs 3.5 million. Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of Za Rulem magazine, comments on the situation:

“If you sit first in one car, then in another, Tesla will still leave the feeling of a car of a higher class. It is finished quite modestly: modest plastic, there, like in all other Teslas, there are no special embellishments. But it is the appearance, the dimensions of the cabin, as well as the feeling of the car – it is difficult to describe it – all this leaves a feeling of a “train” of a higher class. There is a huge display, just crazy sizes. And Moskvich is an ordinary car. Imagine a Hyundai Creta that was suddenly made electric.”

In Russia, due to logistics, the real prices for Tesla start at 6 million rubles, as reported in one of the companies that imports cars to the Russian Federation:

“Logistics from America takes quite a long time. Three or four months at first floats on the sea. If you want via air freight, it is two months. This is an expensive process. Plus, a 15% tax duty on the cost of the car is paid. Plus a package of documents for the formation of logistics. And so on. That is, payment of customs duties, disposal fees and registration of title. At the moment, I can say how much such a car will cost in fact under the order of the simplest configuration. There will be a European car. It will be 6 million 170 thousand rubles.”


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